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Sustainability 2014

Power Quest Team Photo - Sabrina

Welcome to 2014

Take part in some or all of this semester’s initiatives/events!

Right Now

Stay tuned!

Coming up…

Whacky Woolies Week 2015

What we’ve been up to–

lunch time yoga
starting  November 3–thanks for coming!

Sustainability Forum
November 5

My Green VIU
More details here
August 28, 2014 — October 24, 2014

Hungry for Change
October 6

Sustainability Fair
Wednesday, September 24

Had a great time at New Student Orientation on Thursday, August 28

Bike to Work Week and Bike+Walk to School Week
May 25-June 1

Earth Day Warm Up

Avenues for Action 2014

Whacky Woolies Week Initiative